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(Not released)

It is a modification of the PDP-11 emulator originally written by Warren Toomey, that allows to run binaries from the earliest UNIX distributions.


(Not released)

This is a modified versions of Romuald Texier’s eXtrans. It was used as the underlying mechanism for Ellinika and Runasimi at early stages of their development, before switching to xmltools.


Version: 4.12  —  2024-04-26
* Includes manual in texinfo format

* Change in the order of applying rewrites to responses

When rewriting a response, rules defined in the service section are
applied first, followed by the ones defined in the listener.

When rewriting incoming requests, the order is opposite: first the
rules in the listener, then the ones in the service.

* Requests with unrecognized Transfer-Encoding are rejected

* Requests containing both Transfer-Encoding and Content-Length are rejected

* Deprecated configuration statements

Pound issues a warning for each deprecated statement used in the
configuration file.  The warning message contains a suggestion on what
to use instead of the offending statement.  You are advised to replace
each occurrence of deprecated statements in accordance with these
suggestions, since such statements will be removed in future releases.

If it is not feasible to do so for a while, you can suppress these
messages by using the "-W no-warn-deprecated" command line option.

* ServerName directive is allowed in the Emergency section

* New statement: ErrorFile

  ErrorFile NNN "FILENAME"

This statement defines content of the response page returned with
the HTTP status NNN from the file FILENAME.  It obsoletes the
Err400 - Err503 statements used in previous versions.  These
statements are still supported for backward compatibility, although
their use is discouraged.

* New statement: MaxURI

This statement sets the maximum allowed length of the request URI.
It can be used in ListenHTTP and ListenHTTPS sections.

* Bugfixes

** Don't try to access the include directory, unless needed by configuration.

** Fix handling of session deletion/addition on request from poundctl.

Pound is a reverse proxy, load balancer and HTTPS front-end for Web servers. It was developed to enable distributing load among several Web-servers and to allow for a convenient SSL wrapper for those Web servers that do not offer it natively.

Pound was originally developed by Robert Segall at Apsis GmbH. I took over its development when Robert announced that he abandons it.