Software Categories

This page summarizes software by categories. Each category lists its short name, description, and a list of projects in it. Clicking on a category name or description will bring a detailed listing of projects in that category.

The project –> category relationship is a many-to-many one, so that a project may pertain to more than one category.

archive — Archivation Software

This category gathers projects related to file archivation, i.e. creation and handling of files keeping a collection of files along with their metadata.

Related projects: 4

File::BackupCopy, cpio, paxutils, tar

auth — Authentication Software

This category contains projects related to authentication.

Related projects: 6

pam-modules, radius, rush, sargon, slogin, wydawca

database — Database Software

Projects for database management and related tasks.

Related projects: 7

dnstools, gdbm, glacier, go-gdbm, grot, nssync, swis

decom — Decommissioned Project

These projects are decommissioned. No further development nor support is planned for them.

Related projects: 6

extrans, gsc, ipacct, swis, tagr, wit

doc — Documentation

Programs for creating and viewing documentation.

Related projects: 3

imprimatur, texinfo, xenv

emu — Emulators

Emulators provide a way to run binaries from other operating systems.

Related projects: 2

apout, mix

evol — Branch of Another Project

These projects are branches of other people software.

Related projects: 3

apout, extrans, pound

fin — Finished Project

These projects are finished, i.e. I am entirely satisfied with their functionality and see nothing that could be added to or removed from them.

Related projects: 3

kbdlock, releaselogparser, slogin

lingua — Linguistic Software

These are projects related to linguistics, translation, or learning natural languages.

mail — Electronic Mail Processing

This category gathers projects related to various aspects of electronic mail handling.

Related projects: 7

anubis, mailfromd, mailutils, mbar, mockmta, smap, wyslij-po

mfmod — Mailfromd modules

Loadable modules for mailfromd

Related projects: 3

mfmod_ldap, mfmod_openmetrics, mfmod_pcre

network — Networking Software

Programs related to networking.

puszcza — Software related to Puszcza or Savane source forge

These are programs that are used in Puszcza source forge, or inspired by it, or in some way related to Puszcza or Savane.

Related projects: 7

grayupload, micron, rpipe, rush, syslogrelay, vcsync, wydawca

slackware — Slackware system utilities

Utilities for Slackware GNU/Linux distribution: building, packaging, administration.

Related projects: 3

slackbuilder, slackdesc, slackupgrade

upload — Uploading software

Programs that upload tarballs or similar entities to remote servers or that receive such uploads on the server side.

Related projects: 5

grayupload, tpnotify, vcsync, wydawca, wyslij-po