Software Categories

This page summarizes software by categories. Each category lists its short name, description, and a list of projects in it.

The project –> category relationship is a many-to-many one, so that a project may pertain to more than one category.

archive  —  Archivation Software

This category gathers projects related to file archivation, i.e. creation and handling of files keeping a collection of files along with their metadata.

Related projects: 4

File::BackupCopy, cpio, paxutils, tar

auth  —  Authentication Software

This category contains projects related to authentication.

Related projects: 6

pam-modules, radius, rush, sargon, slogin, wydawca

database  —  Database Software

Projects for database management and related tasks.

Related projects: 7

dnstools, gdbm, glacier, go-gdbm, grot, nssync, swis

decom  —  Decommissioned Project

These projects are decommissioned. No further development nor support is planned for them.

Related projects: 6

extrans, gsc, ipacct, swis, tagr, wit

doc  —  Documentation

Programs for creating and viewing documentation.

Related projects: 3

imprimatur, texinfo, xenv

emu  —  Emulators

Emulators provide a way to run binaries from other operating systems.

Related projects: 2

apout, mix

evol  —  Branch of Another Project

These projects are branches of other people software.

Related projects: 2

apout, extrans

fin  —  Finished Project

These projects are finished, i.e. I am entirely satisfied with their functionality and see nothing that could be added to or removed from them.

Related projects: 3

kbdlock, releaselogparser, slogin

gnu  —  Official GNU Software

Software that forms part of the GNU project.

lingua  —  Linguistic Software

These are projects related to linguistics, translation, or learning natural languages.

Related projects: 7

dico, ellinika, gcide, podiff, runasimi, slowo, wyslij-po

mail  —  Electronic Mail Processing

This category gathers projects related to various aspects of electronic mail handling.

Related projects: 7

anubis, mailfromd, mailutils, mbar, mockmta, smap, wyslij-po

netsnmp  —  NetSNMP Modules

Various modules for NetSNMP

network  —  Networking Software

Programs related to networking.

slackware  —  Slackware system utilities

Utilities for Slackware GNU/Linux distribution: building, packaging, administration.

Related projects: 3

slackbuilder, slackdesc, slackupgrade

user  —  User Software

Related projects: 6

addts, idest, tallyman, tpnotify, vcl-mode, xenv

varnish  —  Varnish Modules and Utilities

Modules and other utilities for Varnish Cache.

web  —  Web-Related Software