Project grayupload


1.1  —  2024-01-07
* Automatic release type

Release type can be determined automatically, from version numbers of
the files to be uploaded.  To do so, version number semantics must
be declared in the configuration file using the "version_semantics"

  version_semantics gnu
     Assumes GNU version semantics: two-part version numbers
     (e.g. 1.0) or three-part numbers whose third value (patchlevel)
     is numerically less than 90 mean "stable" releases.  Three-part
     numbers with patchlevel greater than or equal to 90 mean "alpha"

  version_semantics kernel
     Even major numbers correspond to "stable" releases.  Odd major
     numbers correspond to "alpha" releases.

Grayupload uploads software tarballs to,,, or any other site that uses the automatic ftp upload protocol. Its main audience are GNU developers and developers hosting their software on