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PAM-modules is a collection of useful PAM modules plus a command line utility for checking PAM authentication and other management groups.


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GNU Radius is an extensible and scalable authentication and accounting server.


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GNU Rush is a Restricted User Shell. It is intended for use with ssh, rsh and similar remote access programs. Using a sophisticated configuration file, Rush gives you complete control over the command lines that users execute, usage of system resources, such as virtual memory, CPU time, etc. In particular, it allows to run remote programs in a chrooted environment.


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Slogin is a replacement for /bin/login, intended to be used in system start-up script wherever the root maintenance is needed. It does not update utmp/wtmp and hence is safe to be called when the partition containig these files is not mounted.


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An automatic release submission daemon. It implements the GNU automatic upload procedure, and supports upload directive files of version 1.1.


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Sargon is a Docker authorization plugin that controls container creation. It enables the administrator to excercise control over the containers that users are allowed to create and decide whether to permit creation of privileged containers, what parts of the host file system can be visible to containers via bind or volume mechanism, what memory limits to apply, etc.