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The following table used to contain the most important news. It was maintained more or less regularly, but is not any more, due to the lack of time. So, the fact that the recent entry is marked 2005-04-12 does not mean nothing has happened since then. Quite the contrary, so many things has happened since, that I simply lack time to describe them.

Some more news could be found in my logbook, at least until I decide to drop it as well.

2005-04-12 RMS dubbed cflow a GNU package
2005-04-09 I have returned to work on Douglas Laing MIX package. Douglas has kindly given his permission to distribute the sources under GPL.
2005-03-22 Cflow converted to GNU-compatible package. A request for inclusion to GNU has been sent to RMS. Sample output is available.
2005-03-16 Resurrected one of my old projects: cflow
... Some entries skipped due to my lack of time/laziness. Most notably, mailutils 0.6.1 has been released during this time.
2005-01-21 New MDA mode in GNU Anubis.
2004-11-20 Released Radius 1.3. See announcement for more info.
2004-09-16 Released cpio 2.5.90
2004-09-15 Released radius 1.2.94
2004-09-02 released tar 1.14.90
2004-08-31 Opened access to my local CVS Repository
2004-08-24 Photos from my recent trip to Kiev
2004-08-11 Runasimi.org switched to the LINGUA engine.
2004-08-06 a documentation draft for GNU Radius version 1.2.94 is available online.
2004-03-08 new project Greek Grammar Notebook and Dictionary. It has branched off from the Greek-Russian dictionary
2004-02-13 New project: Greek-Russian dictionary
2003-11-27 Interview with GNU-friends