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17 Feb 2011 (permalink)

Jabber Over HTTP -- version 1.2

JOH version 1.2 is available for download. New features in this version:

Support for "HTTP CONNECT" proxying.

"HTTP CONNECT" method is considerably faster than XEP-0025. It also imposes less strain on the TCP/IP connection. It is supported by several Jabber clients, among them Psi and Mcabber.

ACLs for requested Jabber servers.

Both incoming connections and the addresses of the requested Jabber servers are protected by TCP wrappers. This allows system administrators to control the set of remote XMPP servers available for proxying.

Special handling for GET requests.

A GET request usually means that someone has pointed his web browser to the URL served by johd or joh.cgi. Both programs can now be configured to either return a 404 response with a configurable HTML content, or to redirect the request to another web server. As an example, see ulysses.gnu.org.ua.