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06 Jan 2010 (permalink)

Wydawca Version 2.1 "KMB" is available for download.

The most important change in this version is a check script feature, which allows to verify the uploaded tarballs before making them visible and even to decide whether or not to accept them.

This feature is already used in Puszcza to catch releases containing CVE-2009-4029 vulnerability.

24 Mar 2010 (permalink)


New version of Gamma is finally available for download. It is a considerable leap forward, which caused a kind of chain reaction in another projects. See below.


Following the release of Gamma 2.0, the XMLTools dropped support for Mixp, and switched to Gamma to make use of the new possibilities. This includes, in particular, better error reporting, faster and more flexible parsing.


Finally, these changes were applied to Ellinika web site to improve its appearance.

The development version of the site is also available (append -dev to the main site name).

02 Apr 2010 (permalink)

Compiling Guile 1.9.x

It is a small reminder on how to compile Guile 1.9.x.


You will need:

The latter is normally installed on any GNU/Linux system as a part of Gcc package.


Guile's configure script relies on pkg-config to locate its prerequisites. A very unfortunate choice, in my opinion. On most boxes where I tried to configure it, a plain invocation of configure without additional options proved unable to locate prerequisite components. One may, of course, edit pc files to placate pkg-config, but it's rather counter-productive. So, I prefer to simply ignore pkg-config and get away without it.

That being said, and supposing you have Gcc version 4.2.4 and libgc installed in /usr/local/include, the following command should correctly configure the package:

./configure LIBFFI_LIBS=-lffi LIBFFI_CFLAGS=-I/usr/lib/gcc/i486-slackware-linux/4.2.4/include \
            BDW_GC_LIBS=-lgc BDW_GC_CFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include

Once done with the configure, launch make and switch to some other activity. It is no use sitting and staring at the monitor, because the build takes quite some time. On my box, for example, the compilation lasted 23 minutes.

19 Jun 2010 (permalink)


Smap is a flexible socket map server with a set of tools and loadable modules for configuring complex socket map systems.

It also provides an API for implementing new modules in C or in Guile.

Version 1.0 released today.

03 Jul 2010 (permalink)

Smap v1.1 released

Smap version 1.1 was released today.