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11 Aug 2005 (permalink)

Still here

I have had neither time nor desire to write any articles within the recent three months. Sure enough, there were plenty of news during this time. I am still a bit short of time for a detailed description (maybe next time), but a can provide a very brief summary:

13 Aug 2005 (permalink)
Cumpleaños felices, Fidel
30 Aug 2005 (permalink)

Straight to the business: first, the very first batch of fotos from Lwow is available (it probably will take me at least a couple of weeks to publish them all, at the present rate ...) Anyway, enjoy! If the gallery is missing a translation to your native language, just let me know.

Secondly, thanks to Wojciech's kind assistance, we have managed to bring mailutils namespace to a unified form. It is a great step for our team. Just think that currently mailutils codebase counts 193759 lines of C text, this will show you what it feels like to ferret out all this code, changing global symbols, without breaking anything. Should you ever plan to go into such a risky adventure, consider using this script. The docs are also available. If these are not enough, write me, I'll be glad to answer your questions.

To tell the truth, I have never thought I would wish to make my scripts repository available, but now I think I should do it.

Returning to mailutils, now that it has taken its new form, I have finally undertaken final API cleanup. First goes mu_folder_list and friends. Untill now it has been (1) non-recursive, and (2) used a kludgy struct folder_list, which seems to have been a leftover from the dark times when mu_list_t has not yet been there... So, this has changed. Now, one can write:

     mu_folder_t folder;
     mu_list_t list;

     mu_folder_create (&folder, dir);
     mu_folder_open (folder, MU_STREAM_READ);
     mu_folder_list (folder, dir, "*", 5, &list);

and obtain a list of all folders under dir up to fifth nesting level! If one is careful enough (or, if one knows pretty well what he/she is doing, which is the same thing, anyway), one may write:

     mu_folder_list (folder, dir, "*", 0, &list);

0 meaning infinite nesting level, i.e. recurse untill you have where to recurse.

Oh, well, I mustn't forget to tell Jocke about it! It was him who made me think about this folder business.

All in all, given all the recent changes to mailutils, I am inclined to think that the next release version will not be 0.x, but 1.0:) I am pretty ready to delay the release for a pair of months and to release a couple of alpha versions more, to achieve the result.

Oh, by the way, now mailutils interfaces with GNU radius. Strange, I haven't thought about it earlier...