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17 Mar 2005 (permalink)
[image] Nunc est bibendum!
22 Mar 2005 (permalink)
Aequinoctium vernum! Gaudete!


There is also another good news, apart from the equinox. I have resurrected cflow project. It was initially written in 1997-1999 and fell into oblivion shortly afterwards. Somehow, I got distracted by other things... Now, a recent thread in gnu-devel mailing list has shown that there is a demand for this kind of program and this made me remember my past attemtps. So I have (quite happily) resurrected the package. During this week I have managed to turn it into GNU-compatible project. I have also sent a registration request to RMS.

The question is: where was my brain during these seven years? Another question is: how many useful programs still lie buried in my archives?

The program is compatible with POSIX specs and offers quite a number of improvements (of course it will offer more still:). Here is a sample output tree describing the project itself. The tree was obtained using chart.cflow rule in src/Makefile.am.