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07 Jan 2005 (permalink)

Several things are worth mentioning since the beginning of this year:

First, I have finally joined Ukrainian translation team. Fortunately, it did not require any paperwork as our usual disclamer by default covers any other language teams one may want to join. Would it be so with our GNU disclamer as well! I hate waiting for a snail-mail to arrive from Boston to me and for my reply to reach Boston again only in order for my 25-line patch to Emacs being finally applied to CVS (by the way it is a real case, Ted have sent it almost a month ago and I'm still waiting for it to arrive, and the patch to rmail is still waiting in the queue, although everybody knows how many assignments I have already made to GNU project... I wonder why would not RMS create a new assignment form for this and any other project whatsoever I may wish to join or create within GNU or (whatever else) in the future).

I've started to rant, it seems... Too bad.

Secondly, Mailutils finally has vacation extension action in Sieve. To be precise, we already had it as an extension to Scheme implementation of Sieve. I lacked time (or was too lazy?) to do the same for our Sieve library until Felix Egli sent us his version which didn't quite match our standards and was incompatible with the existed one, so I decided to finally write it:) Massive thanks, Felix!

Oh, yes, and the mess with diagnostic messages is fixed, too.

Another news in Mailutils is ODBC SQL driver, which actually means that from now on Mailutils is able to interact with virtually any existing DBMS (since any serious DBMS has an ODBC interface).

As usual most of the time is taking tar. After 1.15.1 release I have started a major rewrite of buffer handling and incremental archive parts.

Several fixes were applied to Anubis as well. Recent letters from Paolo made me finally gather my wits and set forth a draft describing the proposed method of handling multi-part messages.

This, in its turn, forced me to finally attack and solve the problem of using gendocs.sh script to generate web documentation in our projects. The resulting Makefile.am is very elegant. However, this patch must be applied to the script in order to use it. I'll submit the patch upstream tomorrow.

Take a look at the resulting manual page.

The only thing left with this approach is the absence of per-chapter html output, which I am going to fix shortly (it will require sending a new assignment form to Boston. At the end, I think, I'd better send quite a bunch of them beforehand).

21 Jan 2005 (permalink)

Ukrainian translation for www.gnu.org

Evgeniy Sudyr translated the main GNU site to Ukrainian. Of course it is now the default for www.gnu.org.ua.

Anubis MDA

I have implemented new MDA mode for Anubis. In this mode, it acts as a mail delivery agent, receiving incoming mail from the standard input, processing it and piping modified message to the real local mailer.

Two command line options must be specified in this mode: --mode=mda, telling Anubis that it should operate in MDA mode, and --local-mta, specifying the local mailer to use when actually delivering the message.

In my sendmail.cf I have:

Mlocal, P=/usr/local/sbin/anubis,
        S=EnvFromL/HdrFromL, R=EnvToL/HdrToL,
        A=mail --mode=mda \
            -l '/usr/local/libexec/mail.local -f %sender %recipient' $u

This allows me to first process incoming mail through Anubis and then through Sieve (invoked by mail.local)!