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22 Nov 2004

Updated versions of rmail.el: modified source and diff file (against the latest CVS version 1.393).

ChangeLog entry:

 * mail/rmail.el: Updated to work with movemail from GNU Mailutils
   (rmail-pop-password,rmail-pop-password-required): Moved to
   rmail-obsolete group.
   (rmail-set-pop-password): Renamed to rmail-set-remote-password.
   All callers updated.
   (rmail-get-pop-password): Renamed to rmail-get-remote-password.
   Take an argument specifying whether it is POP or IMAP mailbox we
   are using. All callers updated.
   (rmail-pop-password-error): Renamed to rmail-remote-password-error.
   Added mailutils-specific error message.
   (rmail-movemail-variant-in-use): New variables.
   (rmail-remote-password,rmail-remote-password-required): New
   customization variables.
   (rmail-probe,rmail-autodetect,rmail-movemail-variant-p): New
   (rmail-parse-url): New function.
   (rmail-get-new-mail): Updated for use with GNU mailutils movemail.
   Accept mailbox URLs no matter what flavor of movemail is being used.
 * etc/NEWS: Document changes to rmail.el
 * man/rmail.texi: Likewise