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03 Nov 2004 (permalink)

Fatally short of time...

The new radius documentation is available. The main page is now xhtml 1.0 (as well as radius homepage)1) . I wish I would be able to convert documentation files to xhtml as well, but that would require either updating texi2html (I wouldn't like to do this) or texinfo (I'd love to, should the time permit)...

Anyway, the package itself is ready for the release. Today I have fixed a small bug that manifested itself on BSD systems, and have given a final polish to the docs. I'm going to release the stuff before Nov 06.

1) By the way, I'm working on the xmltools translator for producing standard GNU web pages (working name boilerplate).

19 Nov 2004 (permalink)

السّلام عليكم

Well, my log got interrupted for more than two weeks... I have started to learn Arabic, and it is taking now the rest of my time, which was in short supply already. I am growing more and more fascinated by both Arabic script and its grammar...

The long silence does not mean nothing was being done. So, a short summary:

21 Nov 2004 (permalink)

Yesterday I released version 1.3 of GNU Radius. I wish Jordi updated Catalan localization. It was very important to me. Pity...

More work on rmail.el. People from emacs-devel have supplied some fresh ideas and RMS have asked me to update documentation as well:

Documentation is the castor oil of programming. Managers know it must be good because the programmers hate it so much.
22 Nov 2004 (permalink)

Updated versions of rmail.el: modified source and diff file (against the latest CVS version 1.393).

ChangeLog entry:

 * mail/rmail.el: Updated to work with movemail from GNU Mailutils
   (rmail-pop-password,rmail-pop-password-required): Moved to
   rmail-obsolete group.
   (rmail-set-pop-password): Renamed to rmail-set-remote-password.
   All callers updated.
   (rmail-get-pop-password): Renamed to rmail-get-remote-password.
   Take an argument specifying whether it is POP or IMAP mailbox we
   are using. All callers updated.
   (rmail-pop-password-error): Renamed to rmail-remote-password-error.
   Added mailutils-specific error message.
   (rmail-movemail-variant-in-use): New variables.
   (rmail-remote-password,rmail-remote-password-required): New
   customization variables.
   (rmail-probe,rmail-autodetect,rmail-movemail-variant-p): New
   (rmail-parse-url): New function.
   (rmail-get-new-mail): Updated for use with GNU mailutils movemail.
   Accept mailbox URLs no matter what flavor of movemail is being used.
 * etc/NEWS: Document changes to rmail.el
 * man/rmail.texi: Likewise