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25 Sep 2004

LINGUA project

I had a bit of free time, so I've used it to polish LINGUA engine. Currently it is written using eXtrans , which, albeit a great program, is not flexible enough for my needs. In addition to already described problems, its handling of nested tags is not consistent.

Surely I could have modified it further, but it appeared to me that I'd be better off writing a replacement for it from the scratch. And of course I was going to write it in Scheme :)

So, I've started a new project under a working name xmltools. It is a collection of Guile modules that should provide the functionality similar to that of eXtrans yet largely extended and improved. The project uses expat library and Mixp - a Guile interface module to expat.

In its current state, xmltools already supply all of eXtrans functionality, including postprocessor support.

Today I have written basic part of lingua.scm. The good thing is, it is already able to process xml and produce valid html output!

Hopefully it won't be long before I rewrite LINGUA entirely in Scheme.