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06 Sep 2004

cpio + tar + pax = paxutils

Three commits in a day are definitely too much...

The festivities are over, and I'm back to work on free software. After more than half a year delay (!!!), Savannah people have approved paxutils. The project seems to have bad karma... Anyway, since I've just released tar 1.14.90 and the version 2.5.90 of cpio is ready and working, I've started merging the two projects into paxutils. The road will be long. I am going to export as much of the good ideas and as little of the codebase from each package as possible.

If everything goes as expected, the first version of paxutils should be ready by the January. If, on the contrary, the things continue going from bad to worst as they have been during all this year... well, then I'll make it by the beginning of March.