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07 Aug 2004
all right-thinking people know that (a) K&R are right and (b) K&R are right.
-- Linus Torvalds

I have a strong feeling that back in the days when we were editing our code with ed (I still use it quite often, I must admit) our code contained less errors and was far more readable than today.

I have just finished cleaning up my buddy's code that was written on a 120-columns-per-line screen and contained quite a few copy-n-paste bugs. Sure, one can read a 120-chars single-line declaration. One can even read a whole 80-line screen of such declarations, but I strongly doubt whether one will really understand what he has read and be able to spot out the error. Especially when one has been looking at his screen for 20 straight hours, you know.


My todo list is quite long (as usual), but I have a strong urge to play charango... Its strings will surely keep me away from the console today. Chores will wait. Vielleicht das nächste Mal:))

Anubis news

Implemented XELO extension. XDATABASE EXAMINE now works using MD5 hashes, just as was proposed in the initial 'pixie-dixie' draft.

Mailutils news

Lots of changes. Still cannot understand why compiling guimb/main.c fails at argp.h on Sparc. Hopefully Alex will be able to provide a preprocessor output file, this should solve the puzzle...